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What is vacuum emulsifying mixer?

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Vacuum emulsifier mixer

1. Components of vacuum emulsifying mixer

The vacuum emulsifier mixer consists of main pot, oil pot, water pot, vacuum system, mixing system and electrical system, etc.


2. Classification of vacuum emulsifying mixer

Vacuum emulsifier mixer can be divided into hydraulic lift vacuum emulsifier mixer and fixed type vacuum emulsifier mixer according to the appearance.


3. The function of vacuum emulsifying mixer

In the vacuum state, a high shear homogenizer mixer is used to quickly and uniformly distribute one phase or multiple phases into another continuous phase, and the strong kinetic energy brought by the mechanical external force is used to make various raw materials in the narrow space of the stator and rotor. In the gap, it is subjected to hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shears per minute, centrifugal extrusion, impact, tearing and other comprehensive actions, and then disperses and emulsifies evenly in an instant.


4. Application of vacuum emulsifying mixer

The vacuum emulsifier mixer can be widely used in the production of cream and liquid products in the cosmetic industry, the production of ointment products in the pharmaceutical industry, the production of sauce products in the food industry, and the production of lithium battery positive and negative slurries in the chemical industry.

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