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How to start a cosmetics manufacturing company? 6 tips for your reference.

Cosmetic and Beauty industry is one of the leading industry in respect to sale and turnover. As purchasing number of people is increasing, more and more cosmetic factories are established. In our decade experience, one of the questions we were asked is how to start a cosmetic manufacturing comp

Top cosmetic making machine manufacturer will help you save more than 20% cost.

When you are starting a new cosmetic and skincare company or are looking for a new cosmetic manufacturing machine for a new business, come to Yangzhou Immay machine company. Yangzhou Immay machine company offers an array of equipment options to help you start your new business including RO water tre

Which machines are needed for cosmetic production line? Not only vacuum homogenizer.

Cosmetics products includes mainly Skin Cream, Foundation cream,Shaving Creams and After shave lotion, Baby Powder, Lip stick, Eye liner, Face powder, Tooth paste, Tooth powder, Hair oil, Hair Shampoo, Hair Cream, Nail polish, Hair Dye/brilliantine/lotion/liquid, Liquid soap, Baby Soap, Shaving Soap

Automatic Cosmetic Production LIne

This project is located in the beautiful coastal city-Qingdao. It is an OEM and ODM enterprise. The plant covers an area of 15,000 square meters and has a 100,000-level GMP workshop of 11,000 square meters.The workshop is equipped with multiple automated production lines, with a variety of specifica

Servo control automatic bottle capping machine to America

The automatic bottle screwing machine to America has been finished. This capping machine is a servo control automatic bottle capping machine. It uses brand PLC and is sensitive to touch. It is able to flexibly adjust machine parameters according to actual needs. The speed can reach more than 3000 bo

servo automatic bottle capping machine.jpg
How to choose suitable heating method for stainless steel mixing tank

Stainless steel mixing tanks often need to use heating when mixing liquid and paste products in some cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. When purchasing stainless steel liquid or cream mixing equipment, customers often ask us, manager, which one should I choose Which heating method is good

stainless steel liquid mixing tank.jpg
  • cosmetic cream is emulsified product with skin care effect. According to the appearance state, there is cream (soft texture) and cream (hard texture); According to the oil content, there is vanishing cream and neutral cream (moisturizer) and balsam; According to the emulsifier type, there are oil-i

  • Shampoo and shower gel are liquid cosmetics. Liquid cosmetics include shower gel, liquid shampoo, cream shampoo, hair oil, hair wax, hair cream, conditioner, oil, hair gel, mousse, perm, hair dye, depilatory, etc. The production of liquid cosmetics should use chemical equipment, pipelined and airtig

  • Toner is a water-soluble liquid product that has the functions of moisturizing, moisturizing, softening, cleansing, adjusting facial moisture and oil, and balancing the pH of the skin. it is generally applied to the face after cleansing the facial skin to add moisture to the skin and adjust the oil

  • Perfume cosmetics include perfume, cologne and toilet water. Its main function is to disperse aroma, they are just different in flavor and dosage, and alcohol concentration. According to the product form, it can be divided into alcohol liquid perfume, emulsified perfume and solid perfume.Alcohol liq

  • Nutritional ingredients of mayonnaiseUsually when eating salad, it is often paired with a variety of sauces, such as salad dressing, mayonnaise, etc..Mayonnaise is seasoning oil. The main components of mayonnaise are vegetable oil and egg yolk of at least 70% of the total weight. The raw materials a

  • The production process of cough syrup involves extract, stirring, filtration, etc. In the production process of cough syrup, the raw and auxiliary materials of the syrup need to be accurately weighed according to the formula, and then the pure medicinal materials need to be processed. Store in cold

  • Plant nutrient solution is nutrient liquid fertilizer, the concentration is not as high as solid fertilizer, but it has less impurities, is convenient to use, and is easily absorbed by plants. Although the plant nutrient solution is mainly used for hydroponic plants, it can also be used as foliar fe

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