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Body Lotion Production Line

Equipments offered: 

3000L/H. 1 Stage RO Water Treatment System* 1 Set

1000L Blending Tank *6 sets

500L Hydraulic Lifting Vacuum Homogenizer *1 Set

100L Hydraulic Lifting Vacuum Homogenizer *1 Set

1000L Sterile cosmetic storage tank * 10 sets

500L Sterile cosmetic storage tank * 5 sets

Automatic 4 nozzles Filling and Capping Machine * 1 Production Line

Automatic round bottle labeling machine * 1 set

Semi-automatic Filling Machine * 3 sets

Semi-automatic Capping Machine * 3 Sets

Date code inkjet printer * 3 sets

8M Conveyor*3 Sets

Your World-Class CREAM/LIQUID PROCESSING SOLUTION Provider and Equipment Manufacturer

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