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RO Water Treatment Plant

As a professional manufacturer of cream & liquid production equipment in china, We can tailor a more reasonable supporting water treatment solution for you based on your cream liquid production requirements.

Reverse osmosis water filtration technology is the technical direction of our water treatment equipment. Our customized design solutions can help you greatly save equipment floor space and meet your expected water treatment requirements at the most reasonable cost.

Advantages Of IMMAY‘s Equipment

Efficient removal of impurities & Energy saving and environmental protection
Easy To Operate
Our equipment system is simple and easy to operate;
Saving Space
Compact structure, small footprint, saving space;​​​​​​​
High Security
Equipped with a safety protection device, which improves the safety of the equipment;​​​​​​​
High Efficiency
The power is surging, and the water production speed is faster;​​​​​​​
Customized services to meet your diverse needs;​​​​​​​
Stable And Reliable
Branded components are used, which reduces maintenance costs and is durable and durable​​​​​​​

RO Water Treatment Plant Description

Something You might want to know about our RO Water Filtration Systems
  • How to choose a suitable reverse osmosis water treatment equipment?

    If you are unsure about which water treatment equipment is suitable for you, you can typically make a choice from the following three perspectives.

    1. Purpose of pure water
    What is your purpose of purchasing water treatment equipment?
    According to the use, there are mainly two uses: raw material water for production and non-process water:
    (1) If it is water used for raw materials, then you need to tell us what kind of products you plan to make. Usually, the products that can be applied to primary reverse osmosis equipment mainly include detergents, cleaning agents, pesticides, liquid fertilizers, etc. The secondary reverse osmosis equipment is more widely used than the primary reverse osmosis equipment, mainly including cosmetics, beverages, daily necessities, skin care products, food, semiconductors and other products, but in some special application scenarios, the requirements for water quality are higher. For example, products such as potions and perfumes not only need to be processed by the secondary reverse osmosis water treatment machine, but also need to be processed by the distillation process to meet the needs of use;
    (2) If it is non-process water, then in daily application, we mainly use source water to produce drinking pure water and mineral water. Drinking pure water can use secondary reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, while mineral water can use primary reverse osmosis water treatment equipment. Permeate water treatment equipment or use ultrafiltration water treatment equipment.

    2. Raw water quality
    The quality of raw water plays a vital role in the selection of water treatment equipment. Usually, the source water we can obtain mainly includes surface water and groundwater, including river water, river water, lake water, stream water, and reservoir water. Water, because the surface water flows on the ground, the dissolved minerals are less, and the water quality is soft. The hardness of this type of water is usually 0.5~4.0mmo1/L. Surface water is easily polluted, and some rivers, lakes and streams actually contain part of groundwater, so in addition to sediment and organic matter, there are also a variety of soluble salts. Well water and spring water belong to groundwater, and groundwater can be divided into shallow groundwater and deep groundwater. Shallow groundwater has better physical properties and clear water quality, but it often dissolves certain mineral salts in the soil, making the water hard; deep groundwater has better quality than shallow groundwater, but if there are some salts in the water layer When used, it can also harden the water, making it unsuitable for drinking and use. The hardness of groundwater is generally 1.0~5.0mmo1/L, and some are as high as 5.0~12.5mmo1/L. Usually surface water with low hardness can be treated with quartz sand and activated carbon, but groundwater and surface water mixed with groundwater need to be softened by resin and medicine box in the treatment of quartz sand and activated carbon before further reverse osmosis filtration deal with. Of course, in some special applications, in order to obtain better water quality, we can also perform ozone sterilization, UV sterilization, distillation and other processes.

    3. Daily output
    Daily output is also one of the important factors in choosing reverse osmosis water treatment. How many tons of pure water your factory needs every day and how long your factory runs are important information. The specifications of water treatment equipment provided by Immay mainly include 500L /H, 1000L/H, 1500L/H, 2000L/H, 2500L/H, 3000L/H, 5000L/H (1 US gallon=3.7854118 liters), etc., you can choose the appropriate output according to your actual needs to match your Daily production plan.
  • Advantages of reverse osmosis technology

    Reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration technology, powered by pressure difference, stands as the most advanced, energy-saving, and effective membrane separation technology today.

    (1) Efficient removal of impurities: the reverse osmosis membrane can efficiently remove impurities such as ions, dissolved substances, organic matter and microorganisms in water, making the water produced extremely pure. This high efficiency makes reverse osmosis technology the method of choice for industrial and commercial production of high-purity water;
    (2) Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with traditional water treatment methods, reverse osmosis technology has the characteristics of low energy consumption and no need to add any chemical reagents, and will not produce secondary pollution, so it is more environmentally friendly;
    (3) Wide range of application: reverse osmosis technology can treat various types of water sources, including tap water, lake water, river water, sea water and other water sources, and can be flexibly adjusted according to different water quality requirements, so the application range is very wide;
    (4) Easy to operate: Compared with other pure water equipment, the operation of reverse osmosis technology is very simple. Only some basic equipment and operation steps are needed to treat the water source into high-purity water, without much professional knowledge and skills.
  • Composition of RO water treatment system

    Reverse osmosis water treatment technology is a relatively popular water treatment technology at present. With this technology, impurities in water can be effectively removed and high-quality, high-purity water can be obtained, which is more and more popular among people. The reverse osmosis device is the core equipment to realize the reverse osmosis technology, and its composition and structural principles are the key to realize its efficient and reliable operation.

    (1) The pretreatment system generally includes raw water pump, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, softening and dosing device, precision security filter, etc. Its main function is to reduce the pollution index of raw water and other impurities such as residual chlorine, so as to meet the water inlet requirements of reverse osmosis. The equipment configuration of the pretreatment system should be determined according to the specific conditions of the raw water.

    (2) The reverse osmosis system mainly includes multi-stage high-pressure pumps, reverse osmosis membrane elements, membrane shells (pressure vessels), supports, etc. Its main function is to further remove small impurities in the water, so that the quality of the effluent water can meet the requirements of use.

    (3) The ultrapure water system is an additional configuration when the water quality of the reverse osmosis effluent cannot meet the quality of the water used. It mainly includes one or more equipments such as EDI and mixed bed. The ultrapure water system is based on reverse osmosis to further remove ions to meet the requirements of use.

    (4) The electrical control system is used to control the normal operation of the entire reverse osmosis system. Including instruments, control panels, various electrical protection, electrical control cabinets, etc.
  • Functions of each component of reverse osmosis water treatment filter

    (1) Quartz sand filter: 
    the British sand filter is made of fine quartz sand filter materials filled with different specifications in the filter. The colloidal particles are intercepted, thereby reducing the turbidity of the water. Users can choose to use it according to the actual situation. The filtration accuracy is between 0.005-0.01m, which can effectively remove colloidal particles and high-molecular organic matter.

    (2) Activated carbon filter: 
    The main function of activated carbon filter is to remove organic substances in water, including trace organic substances such as odor, color, and lubricating oil. These organic substances will have a great impact on the quality and use effect of water. Through the treatment of activated carbon filter, these organic substances can be removed to improve the quality and use effect of water. Usually we use granular coconut shell activated carbon as the filter medium. Granular coconut shell activated carbon is not easy to flow because of its particle shape, and impurities such as organic matter in water are not easy to block in the activated carbon filter layer, and has strong adsorption capacity, so it is widely used.

    (3) Precision security filter: 
    The security filter is mainly a filter with PP melt-blown filter element as the filter element. It is the last filtration system before entering the reverse osmosis membrane. The filtration accuracy is 5 microns. It can effectively remove the particles and colloidal substances, and can effectively retain the particulate matter directly larger than 5 microns in the water after the treatment of the sand and carbon filtration system, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the water entering the RO membrane. The main purpose is to effectively protect the reverse osmosis. The membrane will not be clogged and scratched prematurely, thereby prolonging the service life of the RO membrane in the reverse osmosis system.

    (4) Reverse osmosis membrane: 
    reverse osmosis membrane filtration is a physical filtration technology. The surface separation pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is below 0.001um, which is as small as nanometers, and can separate ions. Since the pore size of the RO membrane is one millionth of a hair The fifth (0.0001 micron) is generally invisible to the naked eye. Bacteria and viruses are 5000 times larger than it. Reverse osmosis is a filtration technology that uses osmotic pressure difference as the driving force. Under a certain pressure, water molecules in source water can pass through the RO membrane. , while inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matter, colloids, bacteria, viruses and other impurities cannot pass through the RO membrane, so that the permeable pure water and the impermeable concentrated water are separated and the purest pure water is obtained. Usually, tap water is used as source water. When tap water is filtered by RO membrane, the conductivity of pure water is between 5μs/cm~10μs/cm, and the desalination rate can reach more than 98%. Therefore, the reverse osmosis RO membrane has been widely used in the water purification industry and industrial production water.

    (5) Continuous electric desalination technology: 
    Continuous electric desalination technology, also known as EDI, is a combination of traditional electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology. Sexual action and the ion exchange effect of the ion exchange resin on the ions in the water, so that the ions in the water move in a directional manner, so as to realize the deep purification and desalination of the water. The hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions generated by water electrolysis continuously regenerate the resin, so the water production process of the EDI module does not require acid-base chemical regeneration to continuously produce high-quality ultrapure water. The EDI module is a continuous water purification process, so the water quality of its products is stable. After EDI technology treatment, the conductivity of the water can be reduced to 0.1-1.0μS/cm, reaching the standard of ultra-pure water.

    (6) Pure water tank: 
    The main function of the pure water tank is to store filtered pure water. The main materials of the pure water tank are plastic and stainless steel. The use of the pure water tank can reduce the frequent start and stop of the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, which can effectively increase the The service life of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment.
  • How long can industrial and commercial reverse osmosis water treatment equipment last?

    While industrial and commercial reverse osmosis water treatment systems are powerful and work well, their filter elements don't last forever. These elements require some routine maintenance on your part each year to keep them functioning properly. Otherwise, the water filtered by the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment will not meet your requirements.

    When functioning properly, the reverse osmosis filtration process has at least three, but sometimes perhaps four distinct stages: quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision security filter, and then the reverse osmosis membrane filter. In order to obtain a continuous supply of high quality pure water, each of the different filter elements requires periodic replacement. How long these filters last usually depends on your usage factors and the quality of your source water. Under normal circumstances, reverse osmosis membranes can be used for 1 to 5 years. Other filters, however, require replacement more quickly. Typically the pre-filter elements of a reverse osmosis water treatment system can last anywhere from six months to a year. A good experience is that you regularly check the equipment operation status.
  • Price range of industrial and commercial reverse osmosis water treatment equipment

    The price of a 1 stage or 2 stages reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment equipment depends on many factors. As we discussed above, source water quality, pure water output and materials are all important factors affecting the price. Generally, reverse osmosis water The price of processing machines ranges from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, you can contact us for free to get the latest price.
  • Daily maintenance of RO water treatment plant

    The maintenance of reverse osmosis pure water equipment includes equipment cleaning and maintenance, the main purpose is to prolong the service life of the equipment and improve product quality.
    (1) Regularly check the raw water quality and flow rate, and adjust the operating parameters of the machine in time according to the changes in the raw water quality to ensure that the water produced by the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is stable and reliable.
    (2) Regularly check the working conditions of the main components, such as whether the precision security filter, reverse osmosis membrane, etc. are in normal operation.
    (3) Regularly clean and replace the components in the filter devices such as quartz sand filters, activated carbon filters and precision security filters.
    (4) Clean the pure water tank regularly to ensure the hygiene and quality of pure water.
    (5) In low-temperature areas, it is necessary to do a good job of insulating the pipeline in winter to prevent the water from freezing and causing damage to the operation of the equipment.
    (6) After the equipment is used every day, the stains on the outer surface of the equipment should be cleaned in time to extend the service life of the equipment.

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As a leading manufacturer of cream and liquid processing equipments, we have developed a variety of machines, including reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, vacuum homogenizer mixer, lqiuid mixing tank, stainless steel storage tank, filling machine, capping machine, packaging machine and labeling machine..
IMMAY has rich experience and professionalism, and we are committed to solving the mixing needs of different products.

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