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 Welcome to Immay®

Born in Yangzhou, China, Immay is a leading enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of equipment in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, daily health products, chemical and other industries.



As a leading manufacturer of cream and liquid processing equipments, we have developed a variety of machines, including reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, vacuum homogenizer mixer, lqiuid mixing tank, stainless steel storage tank, filling machine, capping machine, packaging machine and labeling machine..

Vacuum Mixer Manufacture
Vacuum Mixer Manufacture
Vacuum Mixer Manufacture
Vacuum Mixer Manufacture
Facing intense competition, Immay adhered to the philosophy of "first quality, supremacy innovation, constant service". we have established strategic partnerships with many scientific research institutions in domestic and abroad, with in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, advanced production equipment, strict quality control system, constant manufacturing process improving, Immay has developed a series of market-oriented products that finally support companies all over the world to embark successfully on the road of creating beauty, customers we served include many well-known ones in the field of cosmetic, daily chemicals industries.
The philosophy of dedicated makes perfect is shown by every immay members, We focus on professionalism, meticulous craftsmanship, and treat quality as the soul of the our company. We keep pace with the times, pioneer and innovate, keep up with the pace of Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, continue to forge ahead with technological innovation, and continue to research, develop more advanced and better product, striving to support customers to increase production capacity, increase profits, and optimize formula effects through more efficient and intelligent equipment.
Immay aims at establishing top quality national brand, first class corporate image, we are dedicated to perfect no matter a single product or whole project, we maintain close communication with customers from design, production to delivery period, we leverage the expertise so as to offer process equipments that meet client's high-image brand product standards.
Integrity-based, customer-centric, quality-oriented, professional-oriented, innovation-support and quality-guaranteed are our unswerving commitment to customers and also the key to our sustainable success.

We will continue to forge ahead for the future, continue to strive for excellence, strive to let the world love Mad In China.
  • Professional Trained Sale/Service

    all the sales and service staffs were technically trained and acquainted practice in production, thus to ensure professional and quick response to client.

  • Professional Trained Sale/Service

    all the sales and service staffs were technically trained and acquainted practice in production, thus to ensure professional and quick response to client.

  • Strict Quality Inspection

    Professional makes quality, reputation wins future, all equipments from immay are through strict inspection during each process, and are certificated by ISO, CE, TUV, AAA etc.

  • Seasoned Professional Team

    Backed with decades invaluable experience, we know the difficulity that clients from various industries will meet, we not only provide you equipments, but also offer solution to help you avoid unnecessary complication.

  • Lean Production Management

    Many unnecessary problems are caused during production, which are actually paid by customers.

    The implementation of lean management enable us well-manage supply chain, manufacturing, improve quality, reduce cost that finally offer client superior equipment with reasonable price.

  • Focus on innovation

    Technology is the backbone of company development, we press ahead with innovation, keep pace with Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, aiming to offer more efficient and intelligent equipments that finally support clients increase production capacity, increase profits, optimize formula effects.

Your World-Class CREAM/LIQUID PROCESSING SOLUTION Provider and Equipment Manufacturer
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