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Immay Perfume Making Machine

Immay is an advanced perfume manufacturing equipment manufacturer and supplier. The perfume mixing tank and filling crimping machine produced by our company is not only used for the production of perfume, but also ideal equipment for the production line of cologne, essence, toilet water, refreshing oil, fragrance and other products. Are you looking for perfume making equipment? Please click below to choose your ideal perfume manufacturing machines.

1. What is perfume production process:

Perfume is more important for men and women, the pleasure brought by perfume is incomparable. She can soothe people's emotions and enhance people's temperament.
The main ingredients of perfume are animal and plant essences, dealdehyde alcohol and distilled water, and Retaining agent, color and other raw materials. Seemingly simple raw materials, but many complex processes are required to produce a perfume with a unique taste and long-lasting fragrance. Therefore, the production process of perfume is considered the most mysterious and romantic work. So how to make perfume in factory ?
The production process of perfume itself can be summarized into the following 9 main production steps:
Pretreatment, mixing, purification, chilling, filtration, color matching, inspection, filling, crimping, collar locking, packaging.

2. Why choose Immay perfume making machine?

In the past, perfume factories used traditional mixing tanks to make perfume, or handmade perfume at home, but due to the single function of the equipment and the uncontrollable perfume production process, they often encountered problems such as unclear perfume, insufficient mellow aroma, Short scent retention time, and low production efficiency, which finally affected product quality and limited the output of perfume.
In order to improve the quality and output of perfume, our company has developed 3-in-1 perfume maker machine, namely mixing, freezing and filtering tank, as the most important equipment in perfume production, perfume blending machine can not only help us quickly improve the quality of products but also increase the output of perfume, so as to bring a better feeling to more people.

3. Immay Perfume Making Machine Parameter

Model IMA-2P-100 IMA-3P-200 IMA-3P-300 IMA-5P-500 IMA-10P-1000
Mixing Tank Power 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L
Mixing Power 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/6 1/4
Freezing power 2P 3P 3P 5P 10P
Micro-filter 10 inches 10 inches 10 inches 10 inches 20 inches
Frame Filter 10 layers 10 layers 10 layers 10 layers 10 layers

Perfume Mixing Machine Gallery

4. The advantages of Immay perfume mixer machine

The perfume making equipment from Immay can not only fit your production best with reasonable cost, but also with below characters:

4.1 The mixing system adopts high-speed and low-energy agitator
The perfume manufacturing machine produced by our company adopts a combination of three-blade pusher paddle and serrated disperser, which improves the perfume mixing efficiency and makes water, flavor and alcohol and other raw materials perfectly integrated. The combination of axial vanes and radial disperser not only ensures lower stirring energy consumption, higher discharge volume, but also better
4.2 The power adopts air motor
Immay's perfume mixer adopts an excellent brand air motor as the power source for work when mixing, because the air motor has the following advantages:
(1) The air motor has simple structure, high reliability, and fewer parts than the traditional electric motor.
(2) The air motor can realize stepless speed regulation, and with the adjustment of the air source pressure, the speed and torque of the motor also change to adapt to different load requirements.
(3) Due to the use of compressed air as the power source, the air motor does not produce sparks, which is safe and explosion-proof.
4.3 The material adopts stainless steel insulation freezer tank and coil Insulation pipe
The stainless steel perfume stirring tank is filled with high-quality insulation cotton, which can play a good role in energy saving and heat preservation. The tank body is made of high-quality stainless steel material, which has better anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance. The mixing tank with mixer chiller filter inner and outer layers of stainless steel are mirror-polished, which not only looks beautiful and easy to clean, but also improves the anti-corrosion performance of the tank.
Coil: The use of rotary coil design can make the perfume raw materials cool faster and more evenly, effectively reducing the energy consumption of the equipment
4.4 The perfume chiller adopts ultra-low temperature freezing unit
The perfume will produce a translucent turbid liquid at a lower temperature, which will no longer be clear even if it is reheated. The traditional perfume mixing vessel produces perfume at room temperature, and then put it into the cold storage for purification, filtering, and repeated several times to get a clear perfume, the cologne mixer developed by Immay gradually cools down to the target temperature during the mixing process, optimizing the process flow and improving production efficiency. Immay adopts well-known international brand refrigeration unit, the refrigeration speed is faster and more energy-saving, the refrigeration temperature can reach -20°c, the use of high-precision temperature sensors and temperature control systems, real-time monitoring of the temperature in the tank, and can follow up the process demand to set the optimal freezing temperature, so that the chiller of perfume is controllable and ensures the quality of the product.
4.5 The circulation system adopts explosion-proof pneumatic diaphragm pump
The circulation system of the perfume mixer cooler filter pot is mainly used to support the work of the cooling system and the filtration system. turning on the circulation system during the process of refrigeration and stirring perfume can make the perfume raw materials stir more evenly and improve the cooling efficiency. Turn on circulation system during the filtration process will help perfume obtain clearer liquid.
The perfume circulation process is mainly realized by a pneumatic diaphragm pump. Immay adopts an international brand pneumatic diaphragm pump, which is anti-corrosion and explosion-proof, stable in operation and durable.
Pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new type of conveying equipment. It uses compressed air as the power source. It can pump all kinds of corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, and highly toxic liquids. It is widely used in various industries. The main feature of this kind of pump is that it does not need irrigation and diversion, it can not only pump flowing liquid, but also transport some easy-flowing media.
4.6 The filtration system adopts polypropylene microporous membrane filter and plate and frame filter
Perfume turns into translucent turbid liquid at a lower temperature, which needs to be filtered to produce a clear perfume. Immay's perfume tank adopts multi-stage filtration, which perfectly solves the turbidity problem of perfume.
(1) Polypropylene microporous membrane filter
The microporous membrane filter is made of stainless steel as the membrane shell, and the polypropylene filter membrane is used as the cut-off filter. The filter membrane is made of polypropylene ultrafine fibers hot-melt and bonded together. It is a membrane material for deep filtration. . The polypropylene filter membrane has stable physical and chemical properties, good compatibility, a series of pore sizes, high porosity, large dirt holding capacity, high flow rate, and good pressure resistance. It is a cost-effective filter element, widely used in the fields of electronics, chemical industry, food and beverage, etc., with optional filtration accuracy from 0.2um to 1um.
(2) Perfume Frame filter
The perfume filter machine used by Immay has the following advantages:
1. Immay's frame filter is made of high-quality stainless steel, which has a good anti-corrosion effect, and has a long service life.
2. The filter plate adopts a threaded mesh structure, which can be replaced with different filter materials according to different filter media and production process requirements. At the same time, the number of filter layers can be reduced or increased according to the filtration volume to meet the use requirements.
3. The filter membrane is made of PP polymer material, acid and alkali resistant, non-toxic, and the filtration effect can reach 0.1UM or 0.22UM(or customized fineness)
4. All sealing parts are made of silicon rubber sealing ring, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, non-toxicity, non-penetration and sealing.
5. Some parts in the plate and frame filter can be connected by quick installation, which is easy to disassemble and clean without spending a long time.
6. The filter plate in the plate and frame filter adopts a flat thread mesh shape, which has a stable structure, is not easy to deform, is easy to clean, and has a longer service life.
4.7 Stainless steel movable platform
The bottom of Immay's perfume mixing machine adopts a unique mobile casters design, which is stable structure and flexibility, it is convenient for you to use and save valuable space in your factory

5. How does Immay perfume mixer machine work?

1. Mix:
Add pretreated alcohol, essence, water and other raw materials into the perfume mixing pot in a certain proportion, and turn on the stirring function to mix multiple perfume ingredients.
2. Set temperature:
During the perfume mixing process, the control panel will display the current temperature of the perfume liquid in the tank. The production personnel can set the temperature of the perfume freezing on the control panel according to the process requirements and turn it on. The refrigeration compressor sends cold air to the coil around the inside layer of stainless steel dispersing tank, cool down the perfume, and when the perfume reaches the set temperature, the refrigeration system will automatically stop working.
3. Turn on the circulation system:
In the process of mixing perfume, in order to make the freezing more averaged and faster, the production personnel opened the pipeline between the parfum tank and the pump, and turned on the pump on the control panel, the circulation system of the parfum machine was turned on.
4. Turn on the filter system:
After perfume mixing and freezing process is completed, the pipeline valves between the pump and the filter is opened, and the mixing tank with mixer chiller filter starts multi-stage filtration.
5. Stand still at low temperature and filter again:
According to the process and quality requirements of the perfume, the perfume is frozen at a constant temperature for several hours, and after being filtered again, the perfume is pumped into the perfume storage tank.

Perfume mixing, cooling and filtration is only a part of perfume manufacturing. If you plan to establish a perfume factory and are looking for perfume production line machines, don't hesitate,please contact us for customized perfume process equipment solutions immediately,we will offer you a suitable plan.

6. Immay Perfume Process Equipment Projects

Immay is an excellent Chinese supplier and seller of professional perfume mixing equipment. With years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial perfume machines with good quality and competitive price, we have won praise and recognition from many customers, if you are looking for perfume making machine with best cost, please contact us.
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