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Stainless Steel Storage Tank

IMMAY's stainless steel tanks are primarily designed for the storage needs of liquid products, particle products, and powder products. 
We take pride in providing superior quality stainless steel storage solutions, and our years of experience in design and manufacturing have won the trust and praise of many customers.

Excellence in Quality, Customized Storage

IMMAY® is an excellent Chinese supplier and manufacturer with years of manufacturing experience specializing in the production of stainless steel tanks and processing containers. We can provide customers with diverse tank solutions. Our tanks not only undergo strict welding and polishing processes, meet GMP and pharmaceutical production standards, but also with good prices. If you are looking for stainless steel storage tanks, please contact our company for customized solution.
  • SUS.304
  • SUS.316
  • Half-side opening method
  • Manhole opening method
  • 100L-5000L(50 gallons-1000 gallons)
  • Movable supporting legs
  • Fixed supporting legs
  • Vertical storage tank
  • Horizontal storage tank
  • Cylinder storage tank
  • Square storage tank
  • Oval bottom
  • Tapered bottom
  • Flat bottom
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Stirring
  • Pressure
  • CIP cleaning
  • Other functions

Explore Our Storage Tank

Storage tanks shall be chosen according to production character and process request, below are some most common types of stainless steel tanks that user buy from Immay
There are still many types of customized process tanks, such as milk cooling tank, pressure discharge storage tank, pneumatic mixing storage tank, single layer mixing tank with agitator, distillation tanks, jacket mixing tank, pasteurization tank, stainless steel totes etc., please contact us to get detail storage solution.

Build a Custom Stainless Steel Tank


Stainless Steel Tank Industries & Application

Due to its different processes and customizable features, IMMAY's stainless steel storage tanks have found widespread applications in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals.

Food industries

  • edible oil
  • milk
  • beverage
  • beer
  • wine
  • honey
  • ketchup
  • sauce
  • Vinegar
  • jam, cheese
  • dressing
  • salsa
  • starch slurry
  • yoghurt
  • mashed potato
  • jelly
  • peanut butter 
  • etc.


  • mixture
  • ointment
  • Essential Balm
  • aromatic water
  • syrup
  • oral liquid
  • solution liquid
  • drops
  • washing liquid 
  • etc.


  • cosmetic cream
  • face cleaner
  • toner
  • foundation
  • emulsion
  • sun cream
  • BB cream
  • serum
  • lip gloss
  • mascara
  • shaving cream
  • perfume
  • lotion
  • shampoo
  • hair wax
  • etc.


  • paints
  • liquid fertilizer
  • pesticide
  • gas oil
  • diesel oil
  • lubricating oil
  • preservative
  • glycerin emulsion
  • liquid detergent
  • liquid soap
  • dish washing liquid
  • glass detergent
  • floor cleaner
  • car washing liquid
  • disinfection gel
The configuration and shape of stainless steel storage tanks used in different products may vary. Please consult us to get your suitable tank design

Cream And Liquid Processing Equipment Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer of cream and liquid processing equipments, we have developed a variety of machines, including reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, vacuum homogenizer mixer, lqiuid mixing tank, stainless steel storage tank, filling machine, capping machine, packaging machine and labeling machine..
IMMAY has rich experience and professionalism, and we are committed to solving the mixing needs of different products.

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