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Immay Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Stainless steel storage tank (also called ss tank) is a kind of metal storage container. Compared with storage tanks made of other materials, it has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, good sealing performance, simple cleaning, and nice appearance.

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At IMMAY, we take pride in providing superior quality stainless steel storage solutions, and our years of experience in design and manufacturing have won the trust and praise of many customers.

1. Material of storage tank:

The storage tanks Immay manufacture are mainly made of SUS.316 and SUS.304 material, users can choose according to product character.
SUS.304 material is up to food grade, it can be used in most food and daily care washing liquid products, and chemical storage.
SUS.316 material is up to pharmaceutical grade, which is mostly used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic storage.

2. Structure of storage tank:

Vertical storage tank: vertical storage tank refers to a storage tank whose body is upright on the ground, the design is usually cylindrical or conical, and the scaling degree of the vertical storage tank is widely used in the storage of fluid products in the workshop.
Horizontal storage tank: it refers to the storage tank whose body is placed flat on the ground. It is usually horizontal cylindrical and occupies a large area. It is generally used for liquid products that require a large amount of storage and require a low liquid level. It is often used in petroleum, Storage of chemical liquids, gases and solids.

3. Shape of storage tank:

Cylinder storage tank has the advantages of simple structure and good pressure bearing performance, and is the most widely used storage tank.
Square storage tank is compact structure, IBC totes can realize the maximum utilization of space and very convenient for transportation.

4. Application of stainless steel vessel:

In modern industrial production, stainless steel storage tanks are one of the important storage containers. they are widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. factories with higher level requirements.
Food industries: food standard storage tank can store edible oil, milk, beverage, beer, wine, honey, soup, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauce, Vinegar, jam, cheese, food additives, dressing, salsa, starch slurry, yoghurt, mashed potato, jelly, peanut butter etc.

Pharmaceutical industries: pharmaceutical storage tank are used to store mixture, ointment,
Essential Balm, aromatic water, syrup, oral liquid, solution liquid, drops, washing liquid etc.

Cosmetic industries: sanitary storage tanks and sterile storage tanks are mainly used to store cosmetic cream, face cleaner, toner, foundation, emulsion, sun cream, BB cream, serum, lip gloss, mascara, shaving cream, perfume, lotion, shampoo, hair wax etc.

Cleaning product industries: flip top storage tanks are mainly used to store liquid detergent, liquid soap, dish washing liquid, glass detergent, floor cleaner, car washing liquid, disinfection gel etc..

Chemical industries: storage vessels are mainly used to store paints, liquid fertilizer, pesticide, gas oil, diesel oil, lubricating oil, preservative, glycerin emulsion etc..
The configuration and shape of stainless steel storage tanks used in different products may vary. Please consult us to get your suitable tank design.

5. How to choose suitable stainless steel storage tank?

Storage tanks shall be chosen according to production character and process request, below are some most common types of stainless steel tanks that user buy from Immay:
There are still many types of customized process tanks, such as milk cooling tank, pressure discharge storage tank, pneumatic mixing storage tank, single layer mixing tank with agitator, distillation tanks, jacket mixing tank, pasteurization tank, stainless steel totes etc., please contact us to get detail storage solution.

Want to get the price of storage tank?

Contact our expert team to provide you professional suggestions.

6. What kind of stainless steel storage tanks does Immay manufacture?

The stainless steel storage tanks manufactured by Immay mainly meet a variety of storage needs of liquid products, particle products and powder products.

7. Immay stainless steel storage tank options

  • Appearance: You can choose an oval bottom or a tapered bottom or flat bottom.
  • Function: You can customize heating, cooling, stirring, pressure, CIP cleaning and other functions.
  • Opening method: You can choose the half-side opening method or the manhole opening method
  • Volume: 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L (50 gallons, 100 gallons, 150 gallons, 300 gallons, 500 gallons, 800 gallons, 1000 gallons) or more customized capacity.
  • Supporting legs: You can choose movable supporting legs or fixed supporting legs.

8. Why choose Immay stainless steel storage tanks?

Immay® is an excellent Chinese supplier and manufacturer with years of manufacturing experience specializing in the production of stainless steel tanks and processing containers. We can provide customers with diverse tank solutions. Our tanks not only undergo strict welding and polishing processes, meet GMP and pharmaceutical production standards, but also with good prices. If you are looking for stainless steel storage tanks, please contact our company for customized solution.

9. Immay customer stainless steel storage tank case

Stainless steel storage tanks manufactured by Immay have gained the favor of many customers.We offer you a variety of customized services to meet your individual needs for stainless steel storage tanks

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