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Brief introduction of semi automatic bottle filling machine

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Semi automatic bottle filling machine

1. Application scope of semi automatic vertical filling machine

Semi automatic vertical filling machine is a small bottle filling equipment made of high quality stainless steel materials, especially suitable for the filling of creams, shampoos, shower gels, mayonnaise, syrups and juices and other pastes and liquids, widely used For food, cosmetic, beverage, medicine and other industries, this machine can also customize a semi automatic filling machine with heating, stirring and other functions according to your product characteristics.


2. Classification of semi automatic vertical filling machines

According to the filling volume, the semi automatic filling machine can be divided into: 10-120ml semi-automatic vertical filling machine, 25-250ml semi-automatic vertical filling machine, 50-500ml semi-automatic vertical filling machine, 100-1000ml semi-automatic vertical filling machine machine, 250-2500ml semi-automatic vertical filling machine, 1000-5000ml semi-automatic vertical filling machine.


3. The use process of semi automatic vertical filling machine

The semi automatic vertical filling machine needs to be connected to the air source of the air compressor to work normally. Before working, the pneumatic feeder produced by our company can be used to suck the material into the hopper in advance; before filling, there is a hand wheel on the side of the machine. , the filling volume can be adjusted by shaking by hand. The handwheel rotates clockwise, the filling volume decreases, and the counterclockwise rotation increases the filling volume; the filling can be in automatic mode or manual mode. In the automatic mode, by adjusting the material The in and out speed of the material can be adjusted to adjust the filling time between the last and next intervals of the material. In the manual mode, after placing the bottle, the manual needs to step on the pedal machine once to fill it once.


4. Advantages of semi automatic vertical filling machine

4.1 The efficiency of using a semi automatic vertical filling machine is at least several times higher than that of using a purely manual filling operation;

4.2 The semi automatic vertical filling machine adopts the design of mobile casters, which is convenient to move and improves the utilization rate of space;

4.3 The semi automatic filling machine is driven by a compressed air source, which is especially suitable for occasions with high explosion proof requirements;

4.4 The semi automatic vertical filling machine is a dual-purpose filling machine for paste and liquid, and is suitable for a wider range of filling materials.

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