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Formula And Processing Equipment Of Liquid Foundation

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Formula And Processing Equipment Of Liquid Foundation

From the appearance of liquid foundation, it is powder added cosmetic dream.

Liquid foundation is made by using the compatibility of liquid foundation and the compatibility of water. 

Materials of foundation include toner, emulsifier, suspension thickening stabilizer, grease, film forming agent, etc.

Good formula and excellent production equipment are crucial to make Lightweight, breathable and skin-friendly liquid foundation.


The preparation process of liquid foundation in vacuum mixer:

1. Put the water phase and oil phase materials into water tank and oil tank for Pretreatment, which include heating and dispersing of material.

2. Inhale the processed water phase and oil phase materials into the emulsification tank through the vacuum suction function of the vacuum emulsifier;

3. Turn on high shear homogenizer and frame-type wall-scraping stirring, and perform 360-degree high-speed stirring and high shearing homogenizing in the tank without dead ends, materials will be rapidly broken into 200nm-2um particles. 

With the vacuum defoaming function of main mixing tank, cream will no longer be mixed with bubbles during the mixing process, thus come out with high quality cream with luster, fineness and good ductility.

4. The temperature-control heating and cooling function will well control the temperature of the materials in the vacuum mixing tank to ensure that the materials are stirred at the appropriate temperature to achieve the best effect.

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