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Industrial 500L To 5000L Antiseptic PP Mixing Tank with Stirrer for Corrosive Production

Product Description

Industrial 30 to 3000 Gallons Antiseptic PP Blending Tank with Stirrer is a mixing equipment with excellent performance developed by our company integrating international and domestic advanced technology. Mixing tank with agitator is widely used in viscous and liquid products in cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and other industries.

This mixing equipment main body is made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene, which can meet the multiple processing demand of products.

* Mixing Type: the mixer can be designed as per processing request, such as frame mixing paddle, helical ribbon mixer, anchor agitator, wall scraping mixing paddle, high-speed dispersing plate and other different styles of paddles;

* Heating type: electric heating, steam heating and other heating forms can be option;

Mixing power: stirring motors with different powers such as 1.1KW, 2.2KW, 3KW, 4KW, 5.5KW can be selected;


With 15 years of experience in mixing equipment manufacturing, we supplied plenty of mixing tanks over the world. Focusing on customers, it is the unremitting pursuit of every Immay person to develop mixing equipment that meets customer process requirements.

We sincerely look forward to becoming your excellent partner and helping you achieve success.

anti corrosive and explosion proof mixer

Performances and Features

The mixing tank body is made of PP material, and the mixing paddle adopts PP or enamel technology, which has good anti-corrosion characteristics. It is an ideal mixing equipment in biological, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Antiseptic and Explosion-proof Mixing Tank with Stirrer

Working capacity (L)

Diameter (mm)

Mixing Power (kw)

Mixing Speed (r/min)

























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Quality & Project

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Q: Which information shall I offer before getting solution?

A: Which product will you produce?

B: How many liter per batch or per day do you request ?

C: Are there other more requests?


Q:Which machine should I choose?
A:It depends on product you make and the formula process, we will offer you tailor-made design.


Q: I am working on a new processing line that don't know much about what I need, how can you support?
A: We have supplied production line equipments to thousands clients in diverse industries within our decade experience, we will tailor-made you equipments that with fit your capacity request and optimize product performance.


Q:How can you control the quality and delivery?
A:Production strictly according to CE / ISO standards.
B:All our machines will be tested before packaging. Wooden packaing is safe during shipping.


Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 15-30 days, depends on production schedule.

Package & Service

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About Immay

Born in Yangzhou, the origin place of automation equipment in China, Immay is specialized in R&D, manufacture and sales of cosmetic equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, daily care products equipment, chemical equipment, food and beverage equipment, etc..

As industry-leading manufacturer in cream & liquid process equipment, we developed a wide range of machines, which include RO reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, vacuum homogenizer mixer, blending tank, storage tanks, filling machines, capping machines, packaging machines, and labeling machines etc..

The spirit of dedicated makes perfect is deeply rooted in Immay’s enterprise culture, We focus on professionalism, meticulous craftsmanship, and treat quality as the soul of the our company. We keep pace with the times, pioneer and innovate, keep up with the pace of Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, continue to forge ahead with technological innovation, and continue to research, develop more advanced and better product, striving to support customers to increase production capacity, increase profits, and optimize formula effects through more efficient and intelligent equipment. 

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