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Precautions for high pressure pump in RO water treatment equipment

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-29      Origin: Site

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1. The raw water tank, raw water pump, pretreatment system, reverse osmosis system, high pressure pump, precision filter, and disinfection equipment are a complete set of water treatment equipment process. The raw water passes through layers of steps to finally produce pure water. To achieve high quality water, it must be filtered through a membrane, which requires a high pressure pump to give the water a certain pressure before it can pass through the membrane.

2. The high pressure pump is composed of a motor, a coupling, a reducer, a transmission part, a pump head part, a common base, etc. After being energized, it drives the operation of various parts. The high pressure pump has the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow adjustment. The existence of high pressure pumps is a key procedure for water treatment equipment. Without high pressure pumps, water cannot be filtered through reverse osmosis membranes, so the desired water purification effect cannot be achieved. The high pressure pump is to provide the pressure of the water production and water quality required by the reverse osmosis infiltration system, so that the filtered water reaches a pressure of about 10 kg after passing through the pump body to meet the inlet pressure of the membrane body and ensure the pure water output. When using water treatment equipment with a reverse osmosis system, you must remember that the front pressure of the high pressure pump cannot be less than 0, but the high pressure pump is equipped with a pressure protection switch. The high pressure pump must be in the presence of water when it is running, otherwise, dry burning will burn the body, and the working voltage of the high pressure pump is 380V. When running the pure water equipment, when the water level reaches the set infiltration level, start the raw water booster pump, after a delay of 3 seconds, start the high pressure pump, when the water level is not enough, the pressure will become low, and the system will start an alarm and stop running at this time .

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