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What is Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant?

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Industrial ro water treatment plant

With the continuous and in-depth development of the economy, the demand for water in all walks of life is increasing, and industrial production has different requirements for water quality. In this case, we need to use water treatment equipment to treat raw water. Carry out further deep processing and filtration treatment to make the water quality meet the standards required by various industries.


What is Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment?

Industrial RO water treatment equipment mainly uses reverse osmosis filtration membrane technology. As an efficient desalination technology, reverse osmosis can remove impurities such as inorganic ions, bacteria, viruses, organics and colloids in raw water to obtain high-quality pure water. According to the different osmotic pressures of various materials, a reverse osmosis method greater than the osmotic pressure can be used to achieve the purposes of separation, extraction, purification and concentration. Applicable fields: chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, metal processing, food, beverage and other industries.


Classification of industrial reverse osmosis water treatment

Industrial reverse osmosis water treatment is mainly divided into primary reverse osmosis water treatment, secondary reverse osmosis water treatment and EDI ultrapure water production equipment. Compared with the primary reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, the treatment equipment has one more reverse osmosis water treatment process. The secondary reverse osmosis water treatment equipment can produce pure water with water conductivity <5μS/cm, while the EDI ultrapure water production equipment adopts Mature, reliable and highly automated secondary reverse osmosis pure water equipment + EDI water treatment process, in the process of EDI desalination, ions are removed through the ion exchange membrane under the action of an electric field. At the same time, the water molecules generate hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions under the action of the electric field, and these ions continuously regenerate the ion exchange resin to keep the ions in good condition. The salt removal rate using EDI water treatment equipment can be as high as 99% or more.

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