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Which machines are needed for cosmetic production line? Not only vacuum homogenizer.

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Cosmetics products includes mainly Skin Cream, Foundation cream,Shaving Creams and After shave lotion, Baby Powder, Lip stick, Eye liner, Face powder, Tooth paste, Tooth powder, Hair oil, Hair Shampoo, Hair Cream, Nail polish, Hair Dye/brilliantine/lotion/liquid, Liquid soap, Baby Soap, Shaving Soap, Toilet Soap, etc. Which are produced by different machines.


Skin cream, foundation cream, shaving cream, after-shave lotion etc. Cream or paste production line equipment include:

2 Stages RO water treatment

Vacuum emulsifier mixer (Vacuum homogenizer)

Cream storage tank

Automatic cream filling machine or Semi-automatic cream filling machine depends on productivity demand

Automatic capping machine or semi-automatic capping machine depends on productivity demand.

Packing machine

Inkjet printer



Tooth paste processing equipment include:

RO water treatment

Toothpaste mixing machine

Toothpaste storage tank

Automatic/semi-automatic tube filling and sealing machine or toothpaste bottle filling machine ( depends on package request)

Packing machine


Date/batch code printing machine


Hair dye/brilliantine/lotion/liquid/liquid soap/shampoo/hair cream/hair oil producing machines include:

1 stage RO water treatment

Blending tank ( mixing tank with agitator) for low/middle viscous ointment

Liquid storage tank

Automatic liquid filling machine or semi-automatic liquid filling machine ( depends on productivity demand)

Automatic or semi-automatic capping machine

Automatic or semi-automatic labeling machine

Packing machine

Inkjet printer



For face powder production line equipment and make-up production line equipment, we will tell you more in the other article, so please stay tuned.


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