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How to start a cosmetics manufacturing company? 6 tips for your reference.

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-16      Origin: Site


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Filling bottle

Cosmetic and Beauty industry is one of the leading industry in respect to sale and turnover. As purchasing number of people is increasing, more and more cosmetic factories are established.


In our decade experience, one of the questions we were asked is how to start a cosmetic manufacturing company? To start cosmetic production line, it is not only cosmetic processing equipment matter, here are some tips for you.


Funds: To rent / build factory, purchasing cosmetic making machines. Apply cosmetic making certificates ( as per cosmetic manufacturer standard request in different country, just like in China, GMP standard is requested).


Raw Material Supplier: A good raw material supplier is vital to ensure your finished product performance, product cost and the stable supply.


Formula: You can buy cosmetic formula but more ideal way is to hire an seasoned chemist, who can help you a lot even for product improvement in the future, what’s more, it is more economic way considering from long terms.


Proficient emulsification technicians, quality inspection personnel, the entire plant management personnel.


Your product idea or business plan: many clients have their business plan before other preparation.


The above are basic conditions, then it comes to detail steps, as cosmetic manufacturing license request are different in various countries, please check the detail cosmetic manufacturing license request in your country.


For raw material and formula, we cooperate with very good chemical/cosmetic raw material supplier and professional chemist, if you need our support, please contact us.


As to cosmetic processing equipments that are needed, we will tell you in the other article, you are welcome to clicke here and get your solution.

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