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Lipstick production process brief introduction

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lipstick making machine

Lipstick is a kind of lip beauty cosmetics. The main function of lipstick is to give lip tone, emphasize or change the outline of both lips, and show more vitality and vitality. The main ingredients of lipstick include waxes, oils, pigments, flavors and moisturizers.


Lipstick production line process:

According to the formula, the ingredients are weighed in advance, and all the raw materials are poured into the lipstick mixing tank in sequence. They are melted and mixed together. In the process of mixing, the vegetable gel is used as softener, which enables lipstick to be applied to the lips smoothly, and different waxes such as tree wax and beeswax are added. Wax will give lipstick a certain luster when applied. After preparing the basic mixture, you can start to use different mineral colorants to prepare pigments and scoop them onto the grinder. The roller of the grinder will grind the particles in the pigment and roll them into flakes. After repeating this process for three times, you can add them to the basic mixture, Note that before adding, it is necessary to reduce the temperature of the mixing pot to prevent excessive temperature from damaging the pigment. After the temperature is appropriate, add the pigment to the lipstick mixing tank for stirring until the lipstick liquid becomes viscous and creamy, and then pour the viscous lipstick liquid into the lipstick filling machine with stirring and heating function. After filling, The liquid filled into the grinding tool is sent to the lipstick freezing tunnel for freezing and solidification. After the lipstick solidifies, it can be taken out of the grinding tool and put into the lipstick tube in turn to complete the production.

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