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Overview of dishwashing liquid production process

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Dishwashing Liquid Production Line

Dishwashing detergent production process:

1. Firstly, the raw water passes through the reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment equipment and uses the reverse osmosis technology to remove suspended solids, colloids, sediment, small molecular organic matter, heavy metal salts and other pollutants in the water, and the prepared pure water is stored in the pure water storage tank.

2. Pure water is sucked into the industrial mixing tank through the water pump.

3. Put an appropriate amount of sodium dodecyl sulfate into water and stir slowly to completely dissolve it.

4. Put an appropriate amount of alkanolamide into water and stir evenly.

5. Then, slowly add refined salt into the water and stir while adding until the product is viscous.

6. Add sodium benzoate and stir evenly.

7. Add proper amount of flavor and fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulphate alcohol ether sulfuric acid, stirring evenly, that is finished product.

8. After passing the sampling test, the material is discharged and stored in the finished product tank through the filter.

9. Let it stand for 24 hours and fill it after the detergent defoaming.

matters needing attention:

1. The product with preservative can be stored for about 1 year. If no preservative is added, the product can be stored for about 1 month.

2. The amount of salt must be well controlled. If it is added less, the viscosity of the product is not enough, and if it is added more, the product is unqualified. It must be tested repeatedly to master the law.

3. If the product bubble is not enough, twelve alkyl sulphate can be added. If the product is not sticky enough, it can be added alkanolamide.

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