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What is a piston filling machine?

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What is a piston filling machine

1. Principle of piston filling machine

Piston filling machine is a filling machine for filling paste and liquid materials. It is driven by a motor or a cylinder to reciprocate a piston in the material bar and pump and discharge materials through a three-way rotary valve. .


2. Features of piston filling machine

1. The part in contact with the material is made of high-quality stainless steel, which meets the requirements of GMP production.

2. The filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range, and the filling precision is high.

3. The filling nozzle adopts anti-drip design, which can effectively reduce the leakage of filling materials.

4. The piston filling machine has a compact structure and a small footprint.


3. Application of piston filling machine

Piston filling machines are widely used in our daily life. The production of many products in the food, daily chemical, wine, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries is inseparable from piston filling machines.

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