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Overview of toothpaste production line

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toothpaste production line

1. Toothpaste preparation process


It is divided into the steps of metering and feeding, making glue, paste kneading, grinding, vacuum degassing, aging and so on. A two-step production process is adopted for production. The two-step toothpaste production process (referred to as the two-step method, pre-glue method) refers to the mechanical action of uniformly dispersing the thickener in low-water content moisturizers such as glycerin and propylene glycol to obtain a pre-dispersed liquid. Dissolve water-soluble components such as sweeteners and acid-base buffers in water to obtain a pre-dissolved solution. Then stir and mix the pre-dissolved liquid, the rest of the water, and a high-water content moisturizer (such as sorbitol), and then slowly add the pre-dispersed liquid to further diffuse and swell into a uniform glue. After several hours of standing and aging, add glue, friction agent, flavor, and other special additives into the vacuum emulsifying machine for stirring, homogenization, grinding, and vacuum degassing. Finally, the toothpaste is made. Make a small amount of paste for quality inspection. After passing, suck them into sanitary stainless steel storage tank for aging, so that the material is naturally cooled to room temperature, and at the same time, the material is fully expanded to form a homogeneous adhesive body, which improves the elasticity of the material. The transformation time is about 120 minutes. In the process of making toothpaste, because the process of stirring, kneading and grinding will generate friction and heat, it is necessary to use jacket cooling water to control the temperature ≤45℃ in summer. (Liquid or needle foaming agents are generally added during the glue preparation process, and powder foaming agents are generally added during the paste preparation process)


2. Filling and packaging process


It is divided into two parts: toothpaste filling and finished product packaging. The filling is completed on the automatic tube filling and sealing machine. During the filling process, the filling volume, sealing temperature and machine speed should be adjusted, and the toothpaste weight and sealing quality shall be checked regularly. After the filling, the finished products shall be processed through the processes of automatic cartoning machine cartoning, heat sealing of heat shrinking film machine, batch packing and so on. Pay attention to adjust the shrinkage temperature and machine speed during the packaging process, check the consistency of the quality and variety of packaging materials, and pay special attention to prevent empty pipe and empty box. After packaging, stack them according to the variety and production time, and store them in the warehouse after passing the inspection.

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