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Many chemical production use stirring more or less, because various chemical reaction changes in the chemical process are based on full mixing of the reacting substances. 


The function of mixing equipment is: 

1. Evenly mix material; 

2. Evenly mix particles into liquid; 

3. Fully emulsify incompatible ingredients; 

4. Enhanced mass transfer during interphase; 

5. Enhancement of heat transfer; 

Immay mixers, blenders and dispersers serve the requirements of the chemical industry, our mixing has been used to process silicones, waxes, lubricants etc., it enable multiple phases of materials be feeded into our mixing tank and create instant emulsions with small particle sizes and tight distributions, many powders such as fumed silicas, zin oxides etc. have been dispersed with amazing results in both collid mills and mixers.


Chemical include:

  • Liquid Fertilizer, 
  • Flotation Reagent, 
  • Cleaning Agents, 
  • Polishing Agents, 
  • Optical Brightener,
  • Lubricant, 
  • Hotmelt Adhesive, 
  • Corrosion Protection Agents, 
  • Wax Emulsions, 
  • PVB Emulsion
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