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Similar as cosmetics, pharmaceutical creams are mixture of different ingredients under certain condition, mixing equipments that are employed in the production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices deal with a higher level of complexity because their use is more specialized that always request tailor-made design. 
Immay mixing machine fulfills many objectives beyond simple combination of raw ingredients. These include preparing fine emulsions, reducing particle size, carrying out chemical reactions, manipulating rheology, dissolving components, facilitating heat transfer, etc. Our mixing equipment has been widely used in pharmaceutical industries to process ointment, syrup, medical cream, etc., our vacuum emulsifier mixer and mixing tank with agitators are designed to meet different process request, immay pharmaceutical equipments work for many well-known pharmaceutical factories.

Pharmaceutical Products include:

  • Syrup, 
  • Ointments, 
  • Eye ointment, 
  • Cough mixtures, 
  • Infusion solutions,
  • Medical and analgesic creams, 
  • Coatings, 
  • Paraffin emulsions, 
  • Lipid emulsions , 
  • Eye drops, etc..
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