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How to Manufacturing Perfume?


Perfume cosmetics include perfume, cologne and toilet water. Its main function is to disperse aroma, they are just different in flavor and dosage, and alcohol concentration. According to the product form, it can be divided into alcohol liquid perfume, emulsified perfume and solid perfume.

Alcohol liquid perfume includes three types: perfume, toilet water and cologne. Essence is dissolved in ethanol to form perfume. Since the main solvent of alcohol liquid perfume is alcohol, the solubility of perfume in it is very high; some defects of perfume aroma are also easily exposed in the diluent of alcohol, emulsified perfume is To a certain extent, it overcomes the above shortcomings of alcohol liquid perfume and has a long-lasting fragrance.

Perfume production process:

1. Pretreatment: The raw materials for perfume must be pure and free of impurities to ensure the high quality of the finished product.

2. Mixing:

 Add alcohol to the perfume mixing pot, turn on the stirring, add the essence, stir for 10 minutes, add deionized water and pigment, stir for more than 10 minutes, and mix well.

3. Ageing: 

Put the mixed perfume into a closed container with a safety valve for physical or chemical ageing to make the perfume more mellow and fragrant. The length of time required for aging depends on factors such as production conditions.

4. Cooling: 

When the perfume encounters a lower temperature, it will become translucent or misty. After that, if it is heated again, it will no longer be clear, and it will remain turbid. Therefore, perfume must be frozen before being filtered.

5. Filtration: 

After aging and freezing, some insoluble substances will precipitate out, filter and remove to ensure its transparency and clarity.

6. Toning: 

Adding color is generally after the filtering process, otherwise the color is easily absorbed by the filter aid, but it must be added after color comparison with the standard sample.

7. Product inspection: use instruments to compare colors, determine specific gravity and refractive index, and determine alcohol content by conventional methods.

8. Filling and packaging.

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