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How to Manufacturing Cosmetic Cream?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-23      Origin: Site


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How to Manufacturing Cosmetic Cream?

cosmetic cream is emulsified product with skin care effect. 

According to the appearance state, there is cream (soft texture) and cream (hard texture); 

According to the oil content, there is vanishing cream and neutral cream (moisturizer) and  balsam; According to the emulsifier type, there are oil-in-water (O/W) type and compound emulsification type (W/O/W or O/W/O).

Cream cosmetics involve 5 major systems from development to finished products, of which the emulsification system is a very critical part, which will affect the stability and use effect of the product.

The production process and production process of cream cosmetics:

In the actual production process, although the same formula is used, the stability and other physical properties of the prepared product are also different due to differences in temperature, emulsification time, feeding methods, and stirring conditions during operation. Therefore, according to different formulas and different requirements, the appropriate preparation method can be selected to obtain high-quality products.

Production Process:

1. Oil phase

Add the oil wax ester emulsifier and other oil-soluble ingredients into oil pot, turn on the heating, and heat the ester at 70-75°C under constant stirring to fully melt or dissolve it evenly for use. (Note: Avoid excessive heating and long-term heating to prevent oxidative deterioration of raw materials)

2. Water phase

First add deionized water to the water pot, add water-soluble components and water-soluble emulsifiers to it, heat at 90-100°C with stirring, maintain sterilization for 20 minutes, and then cool at 70-80°C for later use. 

If it contains water-soluble polymer, it should be prepared separately, dissolved in water, fully stirred at room temperature to swell to prevent agglomeration, if necessary, homogenize, add water phase before emulsification, avoid prolonged heating to avoid viscosity Variety. 3%-5% more water can be added to supplement the water volatilized during heating and emulsification.

3. Emulsification and cooling

The above two-phase materials are added to the emulsifying pot in a certain order, and stirred and emulsified for a certain time at a certain temperature.

During the emulsification process, the addition method of the oil phase and the water phase, the addition speed, the stirring conditions, the emulsification temperature and time, the structure and type of the emulsifier have a great influence on the shape and distribution of the emulsified particles.

The homogenization speed and time vary with different emulsification systems. For systems containing water-soluble polymers, the homogenization speed and time should be strictly controlled to avoid excessive shearing, destroying the structure of the polymer, causing irreversible changes, and changing the rheological properties of the system.

If the formula contains vitamins or heat-sensitive additives, they should be added at a lower temperature after emulsification to ensure its activity, but attention should be paid to its solubility. After emulsification, the emulsification system should be cooled to near room temperature. The discharge temperature depends on the softening temperature of the emulsification system. Generally, it should be able to flow out of the emulsification pot by virtue of its own gravity. It can also be pumped out or pressed out by pressurized air.

4. Aging and filling

Generally, it is stored and aged for a day or a few days before filling with a cosmetic cream filling machine. Before filling, it is necessary to check the product fragrance and appearance.

The quality index is checked again, and the filling can be carried out only after the quality is qualified.

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