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Automatic Cosmetic Production LIne

Cosmetic production line

This project is located in the beautiful coastal city-Qingdao. It is an OEM and ODM enterprise. The plant covers an area of 15,000 square meters and has a 100,000-level GMP workshop of 11,000 square meters.

The workshop is equipped with multiple automated production lines, with a variety of specifications of vacuum emulsifying mixer, automatic filling machines, paste filling machines, and fully automatic 3D packaging machines, high-definition inkjet printers, and automatic capping machines, the company is the first batch of companies that have obtained the latest version of the cosmetics production license issued by the State Food and Drug Administration.

Equipment we supplied includes:
3000L/H. 2 stages RO Water Treatment System* 1 Set
1000L Blending Tank * 8 sets
500L Hydraulic Lifting Vacuum Homogenizer * 2 Set
1000L Sterile cosmetic storage tank * 20 sets
Automatic facial mask filling and packing machine * 10 production lines
Automatic 4 nozzles Filling and Capping Machine * 2 Production Line

The owner of the company is a very good chemical engineer. The factory is adjacent to Japan and South Korea. Many products are exported to Japan, South Korea and European and American countries. They are also high-quality suppliers for some of our customers.

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