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Cosmetic Cream Manufacturing Machine

The pursuit of beauty is an ancient and eternal cause that has begun since the birth of mankind. Cosmetic creams can help smooth the skin, cover uneven skin tones and protect it from sun damage, while also adding subtle aromas and visual appeal, reducing appearance problems (such as age spots), preventing or reversing the appearance of age-related wrinkles, keeping skin hydrated, or laying the foundation for subsequent cosmetic use. The usual goal is to create or at least suggest an illusion of youth, beauty, and perfection.
The key to making cosmetic creams is finding a way to evenly mix and emulsify different ingredients, such as oil and water, as ancient people apparently did. This requires us to explore the secrets of making cosmetic creams through study and practice, because oil and water are often not compatible.
In order to help you expand your career in cosmetic creams, Immay provides you with a universal cosmetic cream production process and the necessary production equipment so that you can quickly find the right idea.

1. Main production line equipment and functions of cosmetic cream

1.1 Industrial 2 stages reverse osmosis water treatment equipment
2 stages reverse osmosis is an advanced reverse osmosis membrane water treatment technology, which is suitable for the deep treatment of tap water, groundwater and surface water, and it can effectively remove most of the ions, bacteria and organic substances in the water. Secondary reverse osmosis has one more RO filtration stage than primary reverse osmosis in order to remove smaller molecular weight dissolved solids and organic matter to ensure that the effluent meets the cosmetic water needs.
1.2 Hydraulic lift vacuum homogenizing emulsifier mixer
The cosmetic cream mixer machine uses high speed shear homogenizer mixer and wall scraping bottom mixing paddle to mix two or more kinds of insoluble materials evenly through crushing, shearing and turbulent collision, so as to achieve the effect of emulsifying mixing. Its working principle is to break various materials into very small particles, so that its surface area increases, reducing its surface tension, so as to achieve a stable emulsification effect.

1.3 Stainless steel sealed storage tank
The role of stainless steel sealed storage tank is mainly to store the cosmetic cream materials that have been produced and aging for more than 24 hours. The volume of stainless steel sealed storage tank has 50L, 100L, 300L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L and other specifications.

1.4 Automatic filling machine for cosmetic cream
Cosmetic cream filling machine is an efficient filling equipment, its main function is to put cream materials into bottles and cans and other containers, according to the daily production requirements can choose a single head or multiple automatic filling machine to meet different production needs.

1.5 High-speed rubber wheel automatic capping machine
Automatic rubber wheel capping machine equipment operation is simple and fast, high production efficiency. It is suitable for all kinds of plastic, metal material round cap, pump head cap and duck beak cap, etc. At the same time, it is suitable for screw cap requirements of various bottle types including round bottle, flat bottle and so on.

2. Process flow chart of cosmetic cream

3. Cosmetic cream making process (general)

1. Oil phase
Add the oil wax ester emulsifier and other oil-soluble ingredients into the oil pan, turn on the heat, and stir the ester at 70-75 ° C until it is fully melted or evenly dissolved. (Note: Avoid excessive heating and long-term heating to prevent oxidation and deterioration of raw materials)

2. Water phase
First, add deionized water to the water pot, add water-soluble components and water-soluble emulsifier, stir and heat at 90-100℃, maintain sterilization for 20 minutes, and then cool at 70-80℃ for use.
If it contains water-soluble polymers, it should be prepared separately, dissolved in water, fully stirred and expanded at room temperature to prevent agglomeration, homogenization if necessary, adding water phase before emulsification, avoiding long-term heating to avoid viscosity changes, more than 3%-5% of water can be added to supplement the volatile water during heating emulsification.

3. Emulsification and cooling
The above two-phase materials are added to the emulsifying pot in a certain order and stirred at a certain temperature for a certain time.
In the emulsification process, the addition method of oil phase and water phase, adding speed, stirring condition, emulsifying temperature and time, emulsifying agent structure and type have great influence on the shape and distribution of emulsifying particles.
The homogenization speed and time of different emulsion systems are different. For systems containing water-soluble polymers, the homogenization speed and time should be strictly controlled to avoid excessive shear, damage to the polymer structure, cause irreversible changes, and change the rheological properties of the system.
If the formula contains vitamins or heat-sensitive additives, it should be added at a lower temperature after emulsification to ensure its activity, but pay attention to its solubility. After emulsification, the emulsifying system should be cooled to near room temperature. The discharge temperature depends on the softening temperature of the emulsifying system. In general, it should be able to flow out of the emulsion tank by its own gravity. It can also be pumped out or pressed out by pressurized air.

4. Aging and filling
Generally, it is stored and aged for a day or several days before being filled with a cosmetic cream filler. Check product flavor and appearance before filling.
Check the quality index again, the quality is qualified before filling.

In the actual cosmetic cream manufacturing process, although similar formulas are used, the stability and other physical properties of the prepared products are also different due to the different temperature, emulsification time, feeding method and mixing conditions during the operation. Therefore, you can choose the right preparation method according to different formulations and different requirements to obtain high-quality products.

4. Why choose Immay for cosmetic cream machine supplier?

In the cosmetics cream industry, hygiene and quality standards are necessary prerequisites for manufacturing competitive products.
Immay is a recognized expert in the development and production of cosmetic cream manufacturing machine. Our rich professional knowledge and years of experience - whether it's formula or machines manufacturing - are undeniable advantages. We believe that working with you is a pleasant win-win situation and an efficient way of interactive communication. With our machines and equipments with a wide range of applications, we are confident that we can well meet your requirements in terms of hygiene, quality and productivity - no matter what application, from rapid melting of particles to homogenization of cosmetic paste
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