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Hand Cream Production Process

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hand cream making machine

Hand cream production process:

1 Ingredients weighing: According to the batch instruction, take the material list to receive the raw and auxiliary materials from the property management department. The received materials must have an inspection report, and at the same time, the appearance quality of the raw materials must be carefully checked. If there are sundries, black spots, etc., they must not be used in production. One person weighs and one person rechecks. Care must be taken to ensure that the ingredients are in compliance with the regulations. Fill in batch records in time after weighing. Clear the site according to the post clearance SOP.


2 Paste preparation:

2.1 Oil phase preparation

Add isopropyl palmitate, stearic acid, glyceryl monostearate, cetyl alcohol, mineral oil, polyoxypropylene ether glucose ether, and propyl paraben into the oil pan in batches, heat it and start Stir to melt. When the temperature rises to 70-75℃, continue to stir for 5-10 minutes and keep warm for later use.

2.2 Aqueous phase preparation

Add deionized water, propylene glycol, glycerin, and triethanolamine to the water pot in turn according to the batch ingredients, stir and heat to 90-95℃, continue to stir for 20 minutes, then add allantoin and methyl paraben and stir to dissolve. Keep warm when cooled to 70-80℃ for later use.


2.3 Emulsification operation

2.3.1. Pump the oil phase into the emulsification pot, turn on the stirring function of the vacuum emulsifier, slowly pump all the dissolved water phase into the oil phase, Keep the temperature in the emulsification pot at 70-75℃, continue Stir for 10 minutes, while adjusting the vacuum degree of the emulsifying pot to -0.04~-0.08Mpa, turn on the condensed water to cool down.


2.3.2 Add the prepared bis(hydroxymethyl)imidazolidinyl urea solution (solvent is about 3-5% deionized water) and stir after the temperature drops to 50-55℃, then add flavor and stir 15 Minutes, the temperature drops to 40-45℃ to stop cooling, stop stirring, discharge the material, weigh, and fill in the material card.


2.3.3 Aging and filling are generally stored for 24 hours and then filled with a paste / cream filling machine. The quality of the product must be evaluated before filling, and the filling can be carried out only after the quality is qualified.


2.3.4 Sampling and inspection.


3 Filling and sealing: receive qualified ointment from the storage room, receive the plastic tube consistent with the product from the property management department, and prepare the batch production records and production documents. Calculate the filling quantity and debug the filling quantity according to the craft prescription. Comparing the quantity of each bottle with the labeled quantity, the limit should be within ±5.0%, no more than 2 of the 10 sticks exceed the limit, and no one should exceed the limit twice, and the average actual content should be greater than or equal to its marked net content. After the commissioning volume is qualified and approved by the quality supervisor, the hose / tube filling and sealing machine is officially opened for filling production. During the filling process, the filling volume is measured and recorded every 30 minutes. It should be ensured that the difference in the loading volume is within the allowable range. The operator should check the appearance quality of the plastic pipe at any time, and the unqualified plastic pipe should be detected in time, and the cause should be found and resolved before production. At the end of production, calculate the material balance, fill in batch production records in time, and clear the site according to the SOP.


4 Packaging products: According to the requirements of the process prescription, the section length arranges to receive the paper boxes, manuals, certificates, POF films, and cartons consistent with this product. All packaging materials must have an inspection certificate before they can be used. Substandard products shall not be used for production. After the verification is correct, the operator's packaging will be issued. The carton is printed with the batch number, production date, and expiration date according to the process requirements, and then coded after the correct verification. Boxing, plastic sealing, and boxing shall be carried out in accordance with the specifications specified in the batch instruction. After being checked by the quality inspector, the box will be sealed and sent to the finished product for temporary storage in the laboratory. After the laboratory is fully inspected and qualified, the quality control department will issue the finished product review and release certificate and then go through the warehouse. At the end of production, the scraps and tails are processed or combined in time, the material balance is calculated, the batch production records are filled in time, and the site is cleared according to the post SOP regulations.

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